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With today’s technology, Digital Health & Mobile Health (mHealth) are taking the practice of medicine into the realm of tomorrow.  As a digital health innovator, Dr. Silvestro is working to empower patients and creatively revolutionize the way medicine is practiced.   Read More


From newborn and well child care to injuries, illness, and behavior, Dr. Steve guides families through all aspects of pediatric medicine.  And, as a physician at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital’s Blood & Marrow Collection Program, Dr. Silvestro helps obtain donated bone marrow for transplant around the globe.   Read More


Mindfulness is noticing what is happening both inside and outside oneself, and recognizing how the two are related.  With years of practice and training, Dr. Silvestro helps parents and children respond clearly to life’s challenges, rather than react reflexively.   Read More

About Dr. Steve Silvestro

Steve Silvestro is a Georgetown-trained physician, innovator, and educator who strives to creatively advance the practice of medicine to empower patients and physicians.

Following undergraduate, medical, and pediatric residency training at Georgetown University, Dr. Silvestro was board-certified in Pediatrics and joined a private pediatric practice in Bethesda, Maryland.  Since 2009, he has also taken part in the Blood and Marrow Collection Center at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, harvesting bone marrow from donors for use in transplants around the globe.

Dr. Silvestro is Co-Creator of DocVisit, a mobile-enabled system that radically improves communication between patients and their physicians.

A dynamic and engaging speaker, Dr. Silvestro has been interviewed for televised newscasts, print, and digital media, and has presented before multiple groups and associations.

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