can a sick child fly on an airplane

Can a Sick Child Fly on an Airplane?

What you need to know before you travel with a sick little one

by Steve Silvestro, MD  @zendocsteve

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When you’re getting ready to travel with your kids, there are plenty of things you’ll likely plan for ahead of time:

How will you entertain them on the flight? How will you entertain them once you’ve arrived? How will you create a memorable experience that everyone in the family will enjoy?

And if you’re feeling really on top of things, you might even prep for the possibility that your child might get sick during your adventure. You’ll pack medicine and gear accordingly.

But the one thing none of us plan for–a child getting sick right before the trip.

If your little one has fallen ill and you have a family adventure on the horizon, this article/episode will cover just about EVERYTHING you need to know.

You’ll Learn:

  • The 3 questions you need to ask yourself before you fly with a sick child
  • What happens to the ears when you fly—and how that can impact an ear infection
  • Whether an ear infection should make you cancel your flight
  • What to do if your child has a cold before a flight
  • Is flying with a stomach bug worth it?
  • How to handle strep throat, pinkeye, and more on a flight

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