What Is Digital Health?

Healthcare and personal well-being are on the brink of transforming right before our eyes, thanks to Digital Health.  Encompassing the use of mobile devices and smartphones, sensors, health information technology, social media, and more, Digital Health is sparking a revolution in how we track, treat, and care for ourselves and others.

Mobile Health (mHealth)–the medical use of mobile devices & smartphones in particular–is especially exciting.  Your smartphone is a sensing, computing, tracking, communication powerhouse–and it fits right in your pocket any time, anywhere.

Together, Digital Health and mHealth are poised to “disrupt” the current practice of healthcare–empowering patients, improving communication/diagnosis/treatment, and taking medicine deeper into the 21st century.


DocVisit is a mobile-enabled system that radically improves communication between patients and their physicians.

We are currently in early development stages and excited to bring you such a revolutionary tool, so watch this space closely!

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