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Books about Diversity—of All Types, for Children of All Ages

A special feature  for The Child Repair Guide by Elena Maddox 

In anticipation of my interview with Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum on How to Talk to Kids about Race, I asked my friend Elena Maddox to put together a list of books you can read to your kids to introduce the topic of celebrating our differences.

Elena is the Children’s Librarian at the Free Library of Springfield Township in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The list she’s compiled below is outstanding — with topics ranging from race, gender, LGBTQ, culture, disability, and even the names we’re given — you’re bound to find something that’s perfect for introducing your children to the big, important topics that connect us all!

We’ve broken these down by age, and even given you brief descriptions of each book. Enjoy!

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You can read my interview with Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum on ‘How to Talk to Kids about Race’ here.


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