Gut Health, Probiotics, Good Bacteria, and Your Kids

Insights for keeping your child’s microbiome healthy from ‘The Gut Health MD,’ Dr. Will Bulsiewicz

gut health


You might have noticed — talking about gut health and good bacteria is all the rage right now.

Everywhere you look, you see it: probiotics, probiotics, kombucha, fermented foods, and more…

And it’s for good reason.

We are covered in and contain billions and billions of bacteria. And while we’re still only scratching the surface of understanding

what they do, it seems that they have a major influence on everything from development and even behavior, to the diseases we get and how we fight them.

In essence, our body’s normal bacteria play a big part in helping us be us.

gut health

To help shed some light on all of these nuances, I spoke with Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, who is perhaps best known as ‘The Gut Health MD.’ He’s an award-winning gastroenterologist who’s on a mission to change the way we eat and improve our gut health. He has contributed a wealth of research to this field, and via his popular Instagram posts, presentations, and media appearances, Dr. Bulsiewicz has lived up to his nickname!

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In This Episode, We Talk About:

  • Why is gut health such a hot topic right now?
  • How we have so much bacteria inside and on us that we may only be 10% human!
  • What diseases and conditions can be impacted by imbalances in our gut bacteria
  • How our good bacteria develop from pre-birth on up through childhood and beyond
  • Probiotics — what we know, what we don’t, what they can do, and what their role should be
  • How changes in your baby’s gut bacteria result in changes in your baby’s poop
  • The impact of plant-based foods on developing a healthy gut
  • Tips for getting more fruits & veggies into your child’s diet
  • What foods to aim for to help your kids develop a healthy gut microbiome
  • and a whole lot more…

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gut health
gut health




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  1. Raquel Lambert
    Raquel Lambert says:

    This was an absolutely amazing podcast! Thanks so much to both doctors :) I will be listening to this podcast a few times so that I can extract as much info out of it as possible!

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