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How to Help Kids Develop Social Skills at Home

A Preschool Teacher’s top tips for parents to help your child thrive

by Steve Silvestro, MD  @zendocsteve


One of the biggest questions I’ve been asked lately is how to help young kids develop social skills—whether it’s because their preschools are currently closed, or their parents just want to make sure their kids thrive.

It’s a valid concern—but also one that you can learn to address right at home.

I sat down with the wonderful Monica Silvestro—yup, the Monica Silvestro of 10-Minute Preschool fame & my favorite person of all-time—to discuss all her best tips for how parents can help their kids learn necessary social skills at home.

See, Monica is an early childhood educator—and a well-loved one at that. She began her career in health communication, developing curricula for kids and teens to best learn about health and nutrition. She then segued into working directly on nutrition counseling, before combining many of her skills to transition into early childhood education.

Monica shares some excellent tips that every parent can use at home.

You can watch our conversation in the video below, or take a listen on your favorite podcast app:


In This Episode, We Talk About:

  •  4 things kids need to learn in preschool
  • How to tell your child is ready for kindergarten
  • Ways to help kids develop independence
  • Encouraging kids to try new and challenging things
  • Tips for helping kids develop resilience and handling upset
  • Why getting out of our kids’ way often helps them the most
  • Why kids behave differently at school versus at home
  • How to teach problem solving, taking turns, and empathy like a preschool teacher
  • How teaching your kids to make coffee in the morning can help them learn social skills!
  • Using story time to build social development and critical thinking in your child
  • …and a whole lot more!

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develop social skills
develop social skills
develop social skills
develop social skills


How to Help Kids Develop Social Skills at Home