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How to Make Homework Time Less of a Struggle

Acclaimed tutor Zoie Hoffman guides you through some of kids’ biggest homework challenges

by Steve Silvestro, MD  @zendocsteve


When your kids were little, chances are that you’d occasionally face a “witching hour”—usually somewhere between 5 and 7 PM—when everyone was cranky and emotions ran high.

Now your kids are older and what happens smack in the middle of that timeframe? Homework!

Whether kids have specific challenges with learning or are doing just fine in school, it seems that tears and battles over homework are über-prevalent today. I hear it from friends and patients, and have absolutely experienced it in my own home.

Sometimes it’s the volume of work. Other times, it’s hard and your kid swears that you’re helping them wrong (that’s always a fun one…). And sometimes it’s that your child just doesn’t feel like doing it right now—though you know it needs to get done.

homework timeEnter: Zoie Hoffman.

Zoie is the founder and lead tutor at Hoffman Tutoring Group, an online tutoring company that serves students in K-8th grade. Zoie’s passion for personalized learning stems from her own experience struggling with academics in elementary and middle school. She dedicates her time to ensuring students get the education and mindset building they need to meet their academic goals through individualized tutoring sessions with amazing and qualified online tutors.

Zoie knows how to make homework less of a struggle for everyone—and she shares her tips in this episode.

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In This Episode, We Talk About:

  • Are kids having a harder time with homework today than in years past?
  • How to help kids organize their approach to assignments
  • Importance of taking breaks—and how long kids can be expected to focus based on their age
  • How to plan for long-term assignments & projects
  • Why you need to teach your kids how to get organized instead of expecting them to just know
  • The best time for your kids to do their homework
  • What to do if your family is too busy to keep up with homework routines
  • Tips for kids with ADHD & other learning challenges
  • How involved should parents be with their kids’ work?
  • Thoughts on the role of homework in today’s education
  • How reading logs can backfire & what to do instead
  • How to handle it when your child says you’re teaching it wrong
  • How to help your child through self-doubt
  • …and much more!’

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