Talking to Kids about Puberty

How to Talk to Kids About Puberty

Dr. Cara Natterson, author of The Care and Keeping of You book series, shares key tips for talking to kids about growing up

by Steve Silvestro, MD   @zendocsteve


“The Talk.”

There are a few big “The Talks” that come up in parenting, and one of the biggest is talking to kids about puberty.

And even while the conversation is about the evolution of your child as they come into their own, the talk itself—whether it’s one or many—is a milestone, a rite of passage of sorts. Your family is moving beyond the simple relationship of parent and little kid, and into a stage with more depth, nuance, and feeling. Here is a chance to share your wisdom, to bond with your child and build a relationship in which you can talk together about anything, any time.

But whether topics like puberty are subjects for dinner table conversation in your family or something that causes awkward hesitation for everyone involved, there are things that you need to know:

When should you start talking about it?

What should you say?

What’s the best way to go about it to help you and your child most?

talking to kids about pubertyI’ve got a superstar guest that I’m really excited about to help answer these questions and more! Dr. Cara Natterson is a pediatrician, consultant, and the author of the New York Times bestselling The Care and Keeping of You book series for girls, and her new book, Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys—making her the go-to expert for talking to kids about growing up and taking care of their bodies. In addition to her writings and workshops, Dr. Natterson offers parenting consultations through her practice, Worry Proof Consulting, serves as Chair of the Board of Starlight Children’s Foundation, and has served as an advisor to companies like The Honest Company, Zemcar, Baby2Baby, and more.

This is a conversation that every parent needs to make the time to listen to.

Take a listen on your favorite podcast app or in the player below:


In This Episode, We Talk About:

  • Why The Care and Keeping of You has been so successful over the years
  • How early you should talk to your kids about puberty — and whether it’s ever too late
  • The fact that puberty is happening earlier, yet kids are finishing at the same time we did
  • The earliest signs of puberty you should watch for
  • Why your 8-year-0ld’s attitude shift just might be the start of puberty
  • Why we often miss the start of puberty in boys, and whether boys or girls have it “harder” during puberty
  • How to have the first conversations about puberty — and how that changes with teens and tweens
  • How not to scare your kids!
  • What questions you should expect your children to ask
  • How to handle the puberty talk if thinking about it makes you uncomfortable
  • …and a whole lot more!

Scroll up to the player above to listen, or hear it on your favorite podcast app!

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How to Talk to Kids About Puberty
How to Talk to Kids About Puberty
Talking to Kids About Puberty