Improve Your Child’s Memory (and Yours!)

Memory Expert Brad Zupp shares 3 Steps to a Better Memory for you and your kids

Improve Your Child's Memory


How can you help your child learn when you can’t remember why you just walked into the kitchen?

It’s a cruel coincidence, isn’t it? As parents, we’re tasked with trying to help teach our kids how to learn — right when we’re at an age when our own memories show the first signs that they’re not quite what they used to be.

My guest in this episode has the secrets to helping you and your kids unlock the power of the memory — with amazing results.

Brad Zupp is a man of many talents. After years of performing with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, Brad developed successful careers as both a realtor and financial planner. But his real love developed along the way, as what began as an interesting experiment to improve his own memory turned into a passion and, ultimately, participation in the World Memory Championships.

A sample of Brad’s astonishing memory feats includes:

  • Memorizing a deck of playing cards in 85 seconds
  • Memorizing 117 names in 15 minutes
  • Memorizing 1,250 digits in 30 minutes

In our conversation below, Brad shares the secret memory habits he uses — so that you and your kids can use them, too!

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In This Episode, We Talk About:

  • Whether or not an “ordinary person” can improve their memory
  • Getting your child past the feeling of “I can’t”
  • Brad’s 3 Keys to unlock your memory
  • The difference between forgetting and not learning in the first place
  • Memorizing versus remembering
  • Several specific examples of how to apply Brad’s techniques to what you and your children need to learn in everyday life
  • and a whole lot more…

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Improve Your Child's Memory