Kids Lying: What to Do

Answers for handling a challenge that EVERY parent faces

kids lying


How do you handle it when your child lies?

This is such a tough question that every parent faces. And it leads to even more questions:Do you punish the lie? Let it slide? Coax the truth out of your child? How do you prevent this from becoming a habit?

Is there a better way to respond than what you’re currently doing?

kids lyingParenting expert Alyson Schafer returns in this outstanding episode, giving you practical tips for what to do when your child lies.

The last time Alyson stopped by The Child Repair Guide, the result was one of the most downloaded episodes in the podcast’s history. And no wonder–she’s written multiple parenting books, hosted her own parenting-centered TV show, has appeared in nearly every possible media outlet, and continually has more channels for her insights on the horizon.

You’ll be glad you listened to this episode!


In This Episode, We Talk About:

  • When kids start lying — and why it might not be such a bad thing
  • Types of lies kids use
  • Why kids lie — and why discovering their reasons is the key to your response
  • The age at which you most need to address lying
  • Why your child might be lying for your benefit — and why this might not be good
  • The best responses to your child’s lie
  • How we often set our kids up to lie
  • How to teach kids to find better ways to handle conflict than lying
  • How to handle cheating — from board games to school
  • Whether the magnitude of the lie changes your response
  • and a whole lot more…

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kids lying