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Developing Healthy Eating Habits at Any Age

Jennifer Anderson of podcast interview gives parents the low-down on getting kids to eat healthy foods without a battle!

by Steve Silvestro, MD  @zendocsteve


This is the conversation you’ve been waiting for.

I have been asked for years to cover nutrition and healthy eating habits on the show, and I’m glad I’ve waited—because today I’m excited to share with you the wide-ranging insights of Jennifer Anderson. If you’re a parent on Instagram, you probably know her as—where she helps her over 1 million followers develop healthy eating habits in their kids without battles.

Jennifer is a dietician and also holds a masters of science in public health, in international health and human nutrition from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. Plus, she’s a mom—so she knows the challenges of feeding young kids first-hand.

This is an amazing, wide-ranging interview covering so many of the challenges parents face when it comes to getting kids to eat healthy foods.

If you have a kid & they eat food, you need to hear this conversation.

You can watch our conversation in the video below, or take a listen on your favorite podcast app:


In This Episode, We Talk About:

  • The benefits & pitfalls of growth charts
  • How to talk to kids about nutrition without creating future problems around food – starting with what to say to help kids develop a healthy relationship with food from the start
  • What is a healthy approach to eating?
  • The importance of variety in kids’ diets – and how to get them to actually eat it
  • What an ideal meal looks like
  • Picky eating tips + how to tell picky eating versus normal kid behavior
  • Importance of understanding parents’ versus kids’ roles at mealtime
  • The “One Bite Rule”
  • What to do if your kid only wants one food
  • Anxiety’s role in picky eating
  • What to do if your child won’t sit for a meal
  • Snacking tips & concerns
  • What if your child is sneaking food
  • Jennifer and I share our mutual love for – and concerns about – elderberry

As you can see, we touch on just about every obstacle parents might face. Jennifer was an amazingly insightful guest & I’m thrilled to share this conversation with you!

Scroll up to the player above to watch, or hear it on your favorite podcast app!

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