Know The Secret Symptoms Of Strep Throat

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Every adult knows that a sore throat can feel just plain awful. To kids—little people who spend all day talking, shouting, and singing with their friends, teachers, and parents—a sore throat feels twice as bad. And if it’s strep throat, then it’s going to feel even worse.

Recognizing what might be going on and learning how to treat it can help you get your little one back on track to comfort and happiness.

The trouble is, a sore throat isn’t the only thing that could be a sign of strep.

Besides sore throat and possibly fever, your child might experience other symptoms that may not seem like they would be signs of strep throat, but actually are.

In fact, some children will only have these “secret symptoms” when they get strep and won’t experience fever or sore throat at all.

Because missing a case of strep throat can have long-lasting consequences, it’s important that you know what to look out for as a sign to take your child to the doctor.

That’s why this episode is dedicated to strep throat—both the signs you know, and the “secret symptoms” of strep.

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • What strep throat is and who gets it
  • What could happen if strep throat doesn’t get treated
  • The common signs and symptoms of strep
  • The “secret symptoms” of strep throat that might be missed
  • How strep is tested for and treated
  • How to reduce the chances of you or your child getting strep throat
  • How long your child is still contagious and when you should see signs after exposure to someone with strep
  • And more

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