Modern Manners for Moms and Dads

Evie Granville & Sarah Davis Guide You Through Some of Parenting’s Stickiest Situations

Modern Manners


When I settled on the name of the podcast, it was a play on the fact that kids don’t come with an instruction manual — hence, “The Child Repair Guide.”

But what if there was an instruction manual?

Modern Manners

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My guests today are experts in helping parents navigate the complexity and comedy of raising kids. Evie Granville and Sarah Davis are moms, educators, and best friends whose podcast, Best Friend Banter, covers all the things that two best friends would talk about. Their focus is to guide parents through all the questions about parenting etiquette and manners that arise every day. What do you do when your child makes a mess in public? Does your child have to write thank you cards for birthday presents? What to say when your toddler says something embarrassing to a stranger? Through their podcast, blog, and upcoming book, Sarah and Evie are your go-to resource for all these questions and more.

This episode was a blast to record, and I guarantee that you’ll both love listening and learn some wise insight into how best to raise your family!

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In This Episode, We Talk About:

  • How to handle embarrassing questions from your kids in public
  • Thoughts on what you should & shouldn’t post about your kids online
  • The #1 reason why etiquette and manners aren’t being learned by today’s kids
  • How to get your kids through a restaurant dinner without a screen
  • How to respond to people who are rude to your kids
  • Should you force your child to hug someone when they don’t want to — including family members
  • How to handle different parenting styles amongst your friends
  • How to handle the opinions of grandparents & in-laws
  • and a whole lot more…

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Modern Manners