Intermittent Reinforcement: The One Mistake Every Parent Makes (Including Me)

Mistake Every Parent Makes

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Some of the most frustrating interactions that we have with our kids all share the same feature: us, the parents.

How we talk to, interact with, and respond to our children has such a major impact on how they behave and respond to us.

Yet so many of the issues that parents struggle with — whether it’s sleep training, picky eating, or just day-to-day frustrations – –can be radically improved if we are able to make one single change in our own behavior, if we can stop making the one mistake that every parent makes (including me).

That’s why this short, 15-minute episode dives into the topic of Intermittent Reinforcement — what it is, why it makes life harder for parents, and what we can do to change.

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • What Intermittent Reinforcement is
  • How every single parent intermittently reinforces difficult behaviors at one time or another
  • How Intermittent Reinforcement makes it harder to change your child’s difficult behaviors
  • How Intermittent Reinforcement affects your child’s brain
  • What steps you can take to avoid falling into this trap when parenting your kids
  • And much more!


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Mistake Every Parent Makes