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Secrets of Resilient Kids

Child psychologist Dr. Rebecca Resnik shares tips for raising kids who can handle anything life throws at them

by Steve Silvestro, MD  @zendocsteve


Why is resilience such a big deal right now?

I ask myself this question because as much as I want to share this epsiode & its insights with you, I genuinely want to know myself.

On The Child Repair Guide, I’ve covered growth mindset with Alexandra Eidens; I’ve talked to Amy Morin about mental strength. But why is resilience — this idea of bouncing back, picking yourself back up after you’ve failed so you can try again — why is this a topic that it seems all of us parents want to instill in our children?

Maybe it’s because our generation of parents, we’ve been through war, political strife. We’ve been through recession. We’ve seen bubbles burst. We know that there is no gold watch when you retire — if you retire — and that everybody needs a side gig.

Perhaps we know that no matter how many classes and sports and talents we sign our kids up to learn, the skill that’s going to help them the most in life is to learn how to bounce back.

My guest in this episode is award-winning child psychologist Dr. Rebecca Resnik. In addition to taking care of children and their parents, Dr. Resnik is an accomplished author, a renowned speaker, and extraordinarily active in the world of child psychology. Her goal is to help those whose lives she touches “feeling more hopeful, less stressed, and with a plan in hand for overcoming challenges.”

In short, she teaches people how to bounce back.

This is a great episode chock-full of tips to help you teach your kids to be more resilient.

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In This Episode, We Talk About:

  • The characteristics of a resilient person
  • Why resilience is a popular topic right now
  • The science of resilience
  • Why biology isn’t the whole story behind anxiety
  • What “good enough” parenting is
  • Different coping mechanisms kids use
  • Things you can do to help kids become more resilient
  • How to know when to push kids through or let them quit
  • How teaching resilience changes if your child has anxiety
  • and a whole lot more…

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