Dr. Steve Silvestro

About Dr. Steve

I am a board-certified pediatrician who studied at Georgetown University for undergrad, medical school, and even my pediatric residency. After eleven years in practice, I left practicing pediatrics to focus on health communication, an area that became a passion of mine as I developed this site and the corresponding podcast. I also work with Georgetown’s Blood & Marrow Collection Program performing the procedure that collects donors’ bone marrow for transplant recipients around the world.

But my most important role is being a dad to two great kids.

And as a dad, I know it’s not easy being a parent. Social media feeds are filled with parenting articles that tell you you’re doing it wrong. A Google search for health advice is bound to give you the scariest answers. And with so many questionable resources online, it can be hard filter out the best information.

My goal is to do just that—and to do it in a way that is accessible, honest, and engaging.

I’ve drawn on my past experiences to help shape my relationships with others and my approach to medicine. From wearing a red nose while clowning with Patch Adams to explore how laughter connects us all, to studying meditation, imagery, and other mind-body skills to help myself and others find insight and balance in life. Through these experiences and more, I’ve learned about myself and what I can offer the world as a pediatrician, a teacher, a friend, husband, and father.

My vision is for all parents to be able to teach their kids to dream big; to be confident, compassionate, creative, and successful; and to be healthy along the way.

And with The Child Repair Guide Podcast, workshops, and other materials, I want to give parents the tools to show them how.