Concussions in Children: How to Recognize & Treat Them – with Pediatric Neurosurgeon Dr. Luigi Bassani

Concussions in Children

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It’s one of the scariest moments in all of parenting: your child hits their head.

It could be that your baby rolled off the bed and onto the floor. Or maybe your young athlete collided with another player on the sports field. Or perhaps it’s something as scary as a car accident or a fall from a significant height.

Kids are bound to bump, bonk, slam, and hit their heads. In fact, probably 20% of the phonecalls I get when I’m on call are from a parent worried about a head injury.

And this isn’t without reason—whether it’s news about NFL players or studies about high school soccer players and headballs, concussions and their potentially serious consequences are grabbing our attention more and more.

concussions in childrenThat’s why I reached out to pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Luigi Bassani to give us the low-down on concussions in kids. Dr. Bassani trained at Georgetown University School of Medicine, then completed his neurosurgery residency at NYU Medical Center and his fellowship in pediatric neurosurgery at the University of Utah Primary Children’s Hospital. He was director of pediatric neurosurgery at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, and has recently joined the Neurosurgeons of New Jersey. In short, he’s an expert on kids’ brains and nervous systems.

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Some Questions That I Ask:

  • What is a concussion?
  • What signs and symptoms should parents look out for that should trigger a visit to the doctor?
  • When can a child go back to playing sports after a concussion?
  • What is post-concussion syndrome?
  • Who should get IMPACT baseline testing?

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • What types of head injuries are more likely to result in a concussion
  • Emotional signs of a concussion
  • Long-term consequences of frequent concussions
  • What “brain rest” is when it comes to recovering from a concussion
  • The downsides of going back to sports or school too soon
  • And much, much more!

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concussions in kids
Concussions in kids