Potty Training – Secrets for Success & Overcoming Obstacles

Potty Training


Naked Dance Party. In college, it might have meant one thing, but in parenthood it means that you are in the midst of potty training. Oh, how times have changed!

Potty training can throw everyone for a loop–both kids and parents. All of a sudden, you’re making the transition from having a baby to having a kid. And while you’re excited to stop changing diapers, you might also be a little nervous about having to know the location of the bathroom in every Target and subway stop.

For kids, something they have taken for granted their whole lives is suddenly a big deal and different. A process that they may have thought very little of is now a focal point in their day and being dictated in a sense by grownups.

Moving forward can be a time of both excitement and anxiety for everyone involved.

That’s why I recorded this short episode of The Child Repair Guide–to give you the tips and tricks to make potty training go as smoothly as possible for both you and your little one. Between seeing hundreds of families go through this, and the experience of raising my own two kids, I’ve come to recognize patterns and tools that help the majority of children and parents find success in potty training (like this potty chair, which is perfect for Naked Dance Party!).

Listen on your favorite podcast app or by clicking on the player below. And be sure to scroll down for recommended tools to help make potty training a success!

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Why the time you think your child is ready for potty training might not actually be the right time to start
  • The 2 Key Requirements for Successful Potty Training
  • How Naked Dance Party helps you discover whether your child has met those requirements
  • How to create an environment that encourages your child to successfully use the potty
  • Tips to overcome the obstacles of resistance, constipation, and accidents
  • And much, much more!

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Important Resources

  • Books
    • Princess Potty book — comes with paper tiara to wear on the potty & jewel stickers for prizes
    • Pirate Potty book — comes with paper pirate hat & stickers for prizes
  • Potties & seats
    • BABYBJORN Potty Chair — with 1,700 reviews, it’s one of the best-reviewed potty chairs out there & is what I used with my own kids — PERFECT for Naked Dance Party!
    • BABYBJORN Toilet Seat — sits right on top of a regular toilet seat to let your little one comfortably fit without falling in
    • BABYBJORN Step Stool — having a step stool is important when using a regular potty in order to prevent your child’s legs from falling asleep, as well as to create the right angle to make having a bowel movement more comfortable (have you ever seen the hilarious Squatty Potty commercial?)
  • Bedwetting Alarms (For kids 8 & up–NOTE that there tends to be mixed success with alarms)


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Potty Training Secrets