How To Raise Empowered Children – with the Founder of ‘Girls on the Run,’ Molly Barker

How to Raise Empowered Children

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I’m 36 years old and I’m still trying to figure myself out.

What do I want to be when I grow up? What do I have to contribute to the world? What is it exactly that makes me tick? Who am I??

One answer I do know: I’m a parent who’d like to somehow give my kids a leg up on answering those questions so that they’ve got some of the kinks worked out before they’re nearly 40. I’d love to raise them as confident individuals who know who they are, what they stand for, and where they want to fit in the universe—and whose belief in themselves is unshakeable.

Molly Barker has been working to empower kids–and now adults–for decades. In 1996, she founded Girls on the Run, a wildly successful program that combines physical fitness with insightful and inspirational lessons to help girls How to Raise Empowered Childrenembrace their individual strengths and navigate life’s challenges. Now that Girls on the Run has spread to 220 cities and reached over 1 Million girls, Molly is now working to empower adults through The Red Boot Coalition, spreading the message of the power of honest listening to both heal and prevent so many of the rifts that mar modern society.

An author of two books and a 4-time Hawaii Ironman Triathlete, Molly’s outstanding work has been recognized with White House awards and as among the most influential in the world of sport.

To put it simply, Molly Barker is a superstar–and after you hear her thoughts on parenting and raising empowered children, you’ll feel the same.

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How “empowered” is more powerful than simply “self-confident”
  • To teach kids to recognize emotions without labeling them as good or bad
  • About helping kids figure out their values, develop healthy boundaries, relate to others, and become agents of change in their community
  • The value of kids having “confidence not only in their successes, but also in the fact that their failures are in some way a success,” as well.
  • The importance of having the capacity not to be a reactive parent, but a present parent
  • How the question “why” helps you have deeper conversations with your kids, no matter their age
  • Molly’s 3 tools for “remaining sane more times than insane” as a parent
  • The 3 phrases Molly has used to navigate so many of life’s ups & downs with her own children
  • And much, much more!

Some Quotes From This Interview:

  • “Kids need to understand what they value.” — Molly Barker
  • “To say to girls: ‘You have a body, it’s your body, and you are the master of your body.'” — Molly Barker
  • On parenting: “There’s no endgame; there’s nowhere to get. It’s just messy…it’s not…it’s everything.” — Molly Barker
  • “We just love them. There’s no fixing, no saving, no trying to make them better. They’re already awesome, and it’s just the job of the coach to help them recognize that within themselves.” — Molly Barker

Molly was an incredible guest. I absolutely adored talking with her, and I believe you’ll enjoy listening to this episode.

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How to raise empowered children
how to raise empowered children