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Raising Boys to Become Good Men

Experts Andrea Stough and Rick Houston offer pointers for raising sons in a world dominated by headlines of sexual assault, domestic violence, guns, and more

by Steve Silvestro, MD  @zendocsteve


“I can’t believe the news today.”

If you’ve found yourself saying that a lot in the past few years, chances are you’ve been responding to an act committed by a man.

Sexual assault, gun violence, political atrocities — all are the result of masculinity gone wrong.

And while it’s easy to say, “My boy would never…,” how can you be sure? Every single person who committed those despicable, headline-grabbing acts was the son of someone who also probably thought, “never my kid.”

In this stellar conversation, experts Andrea Stough and Rick Houston show you how to raise boys to become GOOD MEN.

Andrea Stough is the Outreach Coordinator and an Advocate at Domestic Violence Shelter & Services, Inc.,Wilmington, NC. She also serves on the Advisory Committee for the Adolescent Parenting Program, the Community Child Protection Team, and the Violence Prevention Collaborative at UNC-Wilmington, and is an active member of other groups dedicated to violence prevention and youth engagement in her community.

Rick Houston is the Prevention Specialist at Domestic Violence Shelter & Services, Inc.,Wilmington, NC. He is a national and international lecturer, trainer and prevention educator. Rick has also been active with the organization A Call To Men, which aims to engage men in the movement to end violence against women. Through his work with A Call To Men, Rick has worked with multiple NFL and NHL teams to provide trainings on domestic violence and sexual assault. He also serves on the North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence DELTA State Steering Committee. Is the pastor of Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church, and was the recipient of the 2012 North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence Men for Change Award for his work in engaging communities of faith to end domestic violence.

Together, Andrea and Rick were awarded the inaugural 2016 North Carolina Domestic Violence Commission Purple Ribbon of Excellence Award for exhibiting excellence in their work in community education, outreach and prevention of domestic violence.

This is an episode that every parent of boys needs to hear.

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In This Episode, We Talk About:

  • How surprisingly common men’s violence against women is in the United States
  • How childhood trauma leads to adults who use violence as a tool
  • Music lyrics & other pop culture — how to use these as teaching tools
  • Collective socialization of manhood — how boys are socialized to view women
  • The socialization of boys to refrain from showing emotions
  • The different roles that men and women play in raising boys
  • How to teach kids to set boundaries
  • Teaching boys to be vulnerable when society tells them they shouldn’t be
  • Red flags for when to seek help
  • Relationship red flags to teach your teens
  • Inspiring kids to stand up for those who need help
  • How to get dads & other men on board with raising boys to become good men
  • and a whole lot more…

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Important Resources for You to Check Out:

  • The Mask You Live In” — film mentioned in this episode. Buy it here.
  • Love Is Respect – A useful website for teens, featuring interactive tools, quizzes, and other resources.
  • Love Is Not Abuse – Another great website, this one with information for parents and other adults, too
  • Futures Without Violence – An excellent source for facts and figures on the topic
  • Some PSAs created by students that have worked with Andrea Stough & Rick Houston:


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