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Redefining Preparing for Childbirth & Beyond

Cofounder of Arrow Birth, Tara Campbell Lussier, shares everything expecting moms need to knowwhether this is your first baby or your fifth!

by Steve Silvestro, MD  @zendocsteve


“People are not just birthing babies—they’re birthing themselves as parents.” – Tara Campbell Lussier, cofounder of Arrow Birth

Getting ready to have a baby is no small feat.

We’ve somehow turned this millennia-old rite of the human experience into work. There are books to read. Conversations to be had. Things to buy. Your body and nutrition to prep. Seemingly huge decisions to make.

This beautiful, natural experience can suddenly seem so overwhelming—which is why you want someone who is warm and wise by your side.

My guest in this episode is that person.

As you’ll hear when we first start talking, I first met Tara Campbell Lussier when my wife and I were looking for a Doula before our daughter was born. Tara, Monica, and I quickly hit it off and we’re so glad that we did. Tara was present for the births of both of my kids and she holds a special place in the heart of our family.

But after spending nearly 12 years running a vibrant solo doula practice in northern Virginia, Tara is now the cofounder of Arrow Birth—an online platform that is revolutionizing birth education around the world. I was honored and very happy to have been a part played a part in Arrow’s Discover Birth Education Course, and it’s been a thrill to see Tara and the rest of her a wonderful team getting media coverage and winning accolades for the amazing work they’re doing.

In Episode 102 of The Child Repair Guide Podcast, Tara gives a glimpse of everything moms-to-be need to know about childbirth and beyond.

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In This Episode, We Talk About:

  • What a doula can offer
  • Why I wanted to step out of my doctor role for the birth of my children
  • Arrow’s platform bringing all the best experts from all facets of pregnancy, birth, and beyond—and what Tara learned by spending so much time speaking with them
  • A few lessons Tara has learned starting a business as a busy mom
  • The most important ways a mom can prepare herself for childbirth
  • How to prep for post-delivery
  • The biggest unmet needs in postpartum care
  • What we should be saying to & asking of moms in the postpartum period—both to best support them and to better recognize postpartum anxiety & depression
  • What moms actually need from visitors once they’re home with the baby
  • How Tara & Arrow are supporting moms and babies around the world
  • …and much more!

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Preparing for Childbirth
Preparing for Childbirth




Redefining Preparing for Childbirth & Beyond - with the co-founder of Arrow Birth, Tara Campbell Lussier