update from the front lines

Update from the Front Lines of COVID-19

ER Physician Michael Daignault, MD, shares what it’s like and what’s ahead

by Steve Silvestro, MD  @zendocsteve


Before we dive into this conversation, I want to let you know how you can HELP.

We know that healthcare workers are enduring stress and sacrifice right now. We also know that local businesses—especially restaurants—are suffering as we’re all locked down.

There’s a way you can help BOTH and help support your community.

COVID-meals.org is an online resource that lets you sponsor meal deliveries from your local restaurants right to your local hospitals to serve those on the front line. They’re expanding to multiple locations nationwide—so if you don’t see your community listed, there’s a form you fill out and they let you know how to bring this service to your community.

Whether you’re a healthcare worker and want to get support for your team, a restaurant owner who needs the business and wants to help, or just someone who wants to show your support—COVID-meals.org is a great way to help.

Head to www.COVID-meals.org to learn more.


When I last spoke with Dr. Michael Daignault, an L.A.-based ER physician on March 1st, we knew the world was going to soon look different.

Six weeks later, we could only have imagined what’s come to pass.

Watch the video of our conversation below, or listen to it as a podcast in your favorite player, as Dr. Daignault shares the experience of working on the COVID-19 front lines & thoughts on what’s ahead.


In This Conversation, We Talk About:

  • What it’s looked like in the ER during the coronavirus outbreak
  • Changes in care for COVID patients—including the simple maneuver that might keep people off of ventilators
  • Testing—issues with test availability and guidelines
  • The “antibody test” everyone is talking about—what it is, why it’s so crucial to moving forward, and potential obstacles
  • Signs you should use if you have COVID-19 or think you do to know that you need to go to the ER
  • Why going to the ER for something other than COVID is still okay
  • We dispel some rumors about treatments & prevention approaches you’re likely hearing about on social media
  • The story behind the ibuprofen warning with coronavirus
  • What needs to happen to “reopen” the country & the planet
  • Some silver linings to be found in this situation
  • How you can help

Scroll up to the player above to listen, find it on your favorite podcast app, or watch our conversation in the video above!

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