Your Breastfeeding Questions Answered – Part Two

Pediatrician and Breastfeeding Expert Dr. Gabriela Maradiaga-Panayotti guides you through some of breastfeeding’s biggest challenges

breastfeeding questions


A while back, I asked followers of my Facebook page about the challenges and questions they had about breastfeeding.

The response was overwhelming — so much so that we had to have a second episode to cover everything listeners submitted.

This is Part Two of Your Breastfeeding Questions Answered. For Part One, click here.

You might recall that my guest, Dr. Gabriela Maradiaga Panayotti is a superstar. She’s the medical director of the Duke Children’s Healthy Lifestyle Clinic, a former medical director of the Duke Regional Newborn Nursery, and helps lead the Breastfeeding Task Force for Duke Children’s Primary Care.

I know that this episode covers something that you or someone you know has struggled with — so be sure to share this page with anyone who might need it!


In This Episode, We Talk About:

  • Nipple shields — when to use them & how to know when to stop
  • Whether foods in a mom’s diet can cause gassiness in a baby
  • Signs that a food in your diet is causing a medical problem in your baby
  • Mastitis — why it happens & how to treat it
  • What to do if you think you have excess lipase in your milk
  • Nursing beyond a year — whether there’s any benefit, what challenges you might face, and more
  • Pros and cons of nursing while pregnant
  • Tandem nursing
  • Tips for weaning a toddler
  • and a whole lot more…

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breastfeeding questions
breastfeeding questions
breastfeeding questions